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Millions of people around the world live alone - more than ever before. Living alone can be an uplifting, empowering experience - and incredibly daunting if you haven't done it before. We're here to show you that no matter your starting point - and even during Covid - it's possible to build a healthy, fulfilled, connected solo life. If you're new to living alone, click 'get started' to read more, and join our global movement! You can also join me on Instagram @livingwellalone.

Hannah Ellis Carmichael OBE, CEO & Co-Founder, The Living Well Alone Project


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'The Project is like a welcoming bookshop for us soloists. Whether we are on our own through choice or circumstance, knowing you can pop in for a browse or go and look for advice and support on a specific topic is great!'
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10 solo living life hacks


How do you hang pictures, make the bed without getting lost in sheets, or apply suntan lotion to those hard-to-reach places when you’re by yourself?

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