We’re empowering people living alone to lead healthy, fulfilled, confident and even inspired solo lives! No matter your circumstances, if you’re new to living by yourself then this is the place to start. Find out more about what we do, access our extensive resources section, read stories from other people who live alone, and find advice that’s specific to your circumstances. 

If you live alone, you might be interested to know that you’re part of a growing global community. Meet like-minded ‘solos’ (people who live alone) on our open Facebook page, and our private SoloTalk chat group. We’ve also listed communities run by our friends and partner organisations that you might like to look at as well. 

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Who Are We?

The Living Well Alone Project started as a blog in 2017, and has grown from there. We help people new to living alone answer the question ‘how do I do this?,’ offer practical advice, and celebrate the independence, resilience and spirit of the growing solo community. If you’re new to living alone, you can start here.

We recognise that living alone has its challenges – particularly if the road to getting there has been a difficult one. But we DON’T subscribe to the idea that living alone means you’re inevitably going to be lonely, or that your life has less meaning than others’ just because you’re by yourself. Instead, we promote a more positive and realistic perception of what it can mean to live alone in the 21st century, while offering advice on the practical and emotional aspects of living alone. Find out more about the Project here. 

The Flying Onesie

Our world is one where empowered singles are in charge of their own destinies, carving out confident, inspired lives full of adventure.

We’ve developed a unique line of homeware and cookware products for authentic, independent, uncompromising solos. 

All profits support our work. 

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'The Project is like a welcoming bookshop for us soloists. Whether we are on our own through choice or circumstance, knowing you can pop in for a browse or go and look for advice and support on a specific topic is great!'
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