How I’m spending Christmas this year (Maxine’s story)

After I’ve walked my dog at the beach this Christmas, I’m spending the day with friends. Since being single, I’ve always spent it with my friends. I have a sister, but she usually has her family to stay.

I love Christmas. I’m much happier about it and enjoy it more since being single. My ex-husband made me so nervous about it being perfect. On my own, it is perfect!

I make it positive because I see being single a positive. If I meet someone to share it with, great. But until that time, I like being solo.

Do what you want at Christmas – whatever makes you happy. Work. Walk. Call someone in a similar situation. Embrace your life. Don’t feel like it’s a lesser life because you are on your own.

Maxine, 47, Devon, England

Part of a series of stories about Christmas shared by followers of our Facebook page We’re so grateful to everyone who took the time to contribute.

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