DIY Toolkit Essentials that you MUST have as a solo person

Home maintenance is something every solo person will face at some point. Whether it’s sprucing up a room with some new paint, hanging curtains, tiling a bathroom or fitting some shelves, there’ll be something, somewhere, that needs your attention.

Whether you employ a professional or whether you give it a go yourself if entirely up to you! But if you are planning on a DIY project or two, then it’s worth investing in some decent basic kit to get you started. You absolutely don’t need to jump in to expensive branded power tools, especially if you’re just starting out. But a few basic bits and pieces will stand you in good stead – and trust me when I say that you will use them over and over again!

I have a pretty well stocked toolkit thanks to years of trying to stay ahead of various home maintenance issues, plus an enthusiastically ‘give it a go’ attitude! But I didn’t start out with all of it. Thinking back to when I first started doing DIY bits and pieces in my early twenties, there were a few crucial bits and pieces that I still use to this day, and I’ve included all of those on this list. I also did quite a bit of Googling to see what the professionals recommend as well!

Essential items for a basic DIY home tool kit

  • Screwdriver set (or single screwdriver with removeable
  • A cordless combi drill and bit set – I love my drill. It’s amazing, I use it for everything, and it also comes with an adapter which means I can turn it into an electric screwdriver.
  • An adjustable spanner – that’s one where you can vary the width
  • A claw hammer – the ones you can use to pull nails out with, as well as hammering them in
  • Combination pliers – those are ones are designed to grip, pull, twist, bend and cut through wires and cables.
  • General purpose handsaw – I’ll confess I pretty quickly moved on to an electric saw, as it’s so much quicker!
  • A selection of different screws, nails, fixings and fittings
  • Measuring tape with autolock, meaning you can lock it to a certain length
  • Stanley knife
  • Metal ruler – for when you need to be able to draw a straight line and a measuring tape won’t work
  • Spirit level
  • Oddly, a torch. Because for some reason the thing you need to reach is always in the darkest corner.
  • A toolbox to put everything in!

Depending on the type of work you are doing, you might also want to add a stud finder, a glue gun, some paintbrushes, and some sandpaper.

That’s it! Happy DIY-ing, and let me know in the comments below what else you’d add to the list 🙂

Hannah Carmichael

Hannah is the co-founder of the Living Well Alone Project. For more from the Project, click here to receive our regular newsletter.

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