Simon’s Journey, Part 1: The Times They Are A Changin’

You better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone’

My name’s Simon and I live on my own.

Ok, that’s not the most thrilling of introductory sentences. It could never be described as Dickensian and it’s unlikely to make the script of a Hollywood blockbuster. But for myself and many others like me, the concept of living alone is a very real situation. A situation that can present a range of challenges, fantastic highs, worrying lows and plenty in-between.

The good news is that regardless of whether or not you are currently living alone, you are in exactly the right place. This website is packed full of vital information and tips about solo living. Without wishing to sound like an advertising executive – it’s a one stop shop for all your solo living needs.

My journey

The truth is that all people living solo are different, we all have individual circumstances, different hierarchies of importance and different sources of happiness. 

My situation is that I separated from my wife around six months ago. I now live alone in our ‘marital home’. Whilst we still see each other regularly and get on extremely well as friends, it has represented a huge shift for me. The only other time I have lived alone was for a few months in my early twenties. Twenty years later, my circumstances are very different and I have a lot more responsibilities – a mortgage, a job, various financial commitments et al. 

Ultimately, I am looking to sell the house and continue my solo living journey in a new property – obviously, this will lead a large number of exciting new challenges.

These articles are my personal story. I am going to look at my living alone journey and the various challenges it presents. You might be able to identify with some/all of them, whilst some might not be relevant to you at all. Either way, hopefully it makes for an entertaining read regardless of whether you are living alone or not!

Here are some of the aspects of solo living that I’ll be covering:

Finance – Getting by on one income presents a few challenges. Bills, shopping, et al. Budgeting for this is not always easy, especially if you’re a born worrier when it comes to everything financial.

Maintenance – If you’re a DIY expert then you won’t find this a problem. I’m not, so I do!

Cooking – Cooking for one is tougher than you might think.

Self-care – AKA looking after yourself when there’s nobody to see you. 

Work – More and more of us are working from home. If you’re home AND work lives are both spent in solitude, this can present a big challenge. 

Socialising – Meeting people is easy? Not necessarily. 

Loneliness – No matter how socially active you are, living alone has bouts of solitude. Coping with that solitude is fundamental to succeeding as someone living solo.

And that’s just scratching the surface. I’ve been living alone for around 5 months and almost every day presents a new challenge. Sometimes it’s a peak (you really don’t have to get dressed when there’s a heatwave!), sometimes it’s a trough (you really don’t want to get dressed for that Zoom meeting), but it’s always an adventure.

As I write this, I have no idea what lies ahead in my living alone journey. But it’s going to be fun finding out, and hopefully you will enjoy reading all about it.

Simon Day is a freelance blog writer based in Worcestershire. He writes for a range of businesses, but specialises in mental health and sports writing. He also has extensive marketing experience and has worked in both the charity and mental health sectors. Outside of work, he follows Gillingham football club, plays cricket for his local team and is huge fan of murder mysteries.

If you would like to write for the Living Well Alone Project, send us an email at with an idea of what you would like to say, and we will get back to you.

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