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Who are we?

Whether by choice or through circumstance, more and more of us than ever before are living by ourselves. The Living Well Alone Project was set up in 2017 to fill the gap in information and advice for people living by themselves and asking the question ‘how do I do this?’ as well as promoting a more positive and realistic perception of people who live alone. We are part advisory service, part storytellers, and part social movement! Our regular newsletter has the latest. 

We are a registered Community Interest Company, which means we can operate as a social enterprise. This means that any money we make – through donations, grants, or by offering services or products which are useful to our community – goes back into further our mission, allowing us to reach as many people as possible!

Our Story

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In 2017, mother – daughter team Helen and Hannah Carmichael were on holiday together, and started talking about their solo living journeys (you can read more about Hannah’s story here). As they talked, they realised how similar their experiences had been – the highs, lows, frustations and opportunities. They realised they’d both looked online for advice about the practical and emotional aspects of solo living, and felt frustrated at how little was available. And they agreed that – despite early challenges – their lives were now the complete opposite of the ‘sad and lonely’ stereotype still often associated with people who live alone. After that first lightbulb moment, they couldn’t stop talking – and founded the Living Well Alone Project later that year. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to transform society’s perceptions of what it means to live alone, celebrating the independence, resilience and spirit of those who do, and empowering those living solo to live confident, authentic, healthy, connected, inspired lives – no matter their starting point. We do this by: 

What we do

Our ambition is to turn this site into a one-stop-shop for anyone living alone, and anyone who wants to find out more about a solo lifestyle. 

We publish new blog posts regularly covering all aspects of solo living, and we source the most upto date, informative, relevant, lively content on living alone from across the web. Signing up for our newsletter will mean you never miss another update! 

We’re also growing communities via our Facebook page and SoloTalk chat group, and we’re developing products and services which make life better for people who live alone. We’re also building connections with individuals, groups, organisations, charities and businesses who are trying to do the same (if you’re one of these, please contact us on so we can talk about what you need. 

Get Involved

You can: 

Contact us on if you are interested in either of these roles. 

Contact Us

We love hearing from people with ideas for how we can expand and improve what we’re doing at the Project. We also love collaborating! Please drop us a line on and let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

'The Project is like a welcoming bookshop for us soloists. Whether we are on our own through choice or circumstance, knowing you can pop in for a browse or go and look for advice and support on a specific topic is great!'
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