Our favourite communities bringing together people who live alone, and other solos. Despite the number of groups with ‘single’ in the title, these are all about community, not dating.

The Living Well Alone Project communities

We run an open page and a closed private discussion group for anyone living alone.

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The Living Well Alone Project (Facebook)

The heart of the Living Well Alone Project community is our open Facebook page. Just ‘like’ our page for daily updates on everything that’s happening at the Project. 

SoloTalk (Facebook)

SoloTalk is The Living Well Alone Project’s very own private chat group! An active, supportive community, hosted on Facebook. 

What others are doing

Some of our favourite people and groups working in the solo living space, with a focus on connection and empowerment. 


Camerados is a growing movement of people from Baltimore to Blackpool who get through tough times by looking out for each other.

Community for Single People

Very active community for people who are comfortable being single & are not actively looking for a relationship. Many live alone.


We love DinnerTalk! Fun, lightly moderated, small group, video chat conversations with people all over the world. 

Fairness for Single People

A political forum campaigning for an end to singlism / matrimonia, and rights for single people.

Meet Up

An online service hosting in person events for people with similar interests. Can be used to find groups, and to start your own groups.

Secure Single

Secure Single provides single adults with information, tools and practical guidance on how to be secure in their singledom. 

The Single Supplement

Founded by Guardian journalist Nicola Slawson in 2019, The Single Supplement is aimed at women, and covers issues relating to professionals in their 30s and 40s.

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