Cooking and Eating

Cooking for one can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you haven’t done it before! 

From batch cooking and freezing, to shopping smartly and designing your own gourmet cuisine, there are plenty of ways to make solo cooking easy and exciting. 

You might want to try these recipes from One Dish Kitchen

We also love the Meal Prep King Plan! Save time and eat the meals you love…from chorizo and feta salad to thai chicken, butternut squash soup to homemade granola, this book is packed full of recipe ideas to make cooking for one an easy and joyful experience. 

.Just click on the link to get the best price on Amazon (this is an affiliate link). 

entertaining when you live alone image for effortless entertaining post

A Solo’s Guide to Effortless Entertaining

Hosting for larger groups when you live alone comes with its own unique challenges, and it can definitely take some getting used to. Here are six ways to entertain effortlessly and host like a god or goddess, even when you live alone.

woman eating late night snacks when living alone

10 deliciously comforting late night snacks that you won’t feel guilty about

As all true night owls know, there comes a point late in the evening, long after dinner time, where you just need something to snack on… I could write an entirely separate post on ‘light meals for late at night,’ which would include corn cakes, quesadillas and about a hundred different things you can do with eggs. For now, I’ve stuck to snacks which can be thrown together in less than five minutes, with three exceptions for if you’re feeling particularly organised about your late night snacking experiences.

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