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Learning to Live Alone In My 30s: How I Travel Is In My Hands (Most Of The Time)

When you live solo in your mid to late thirties, the experience is significantly different to your twenties. Twenties are a period of trial and error. In and out of relationships, perhaps, a time of flatmates and house parties, and the fact that you now have a paycheck (however questionably low it maybe) that you can do as you like with. Being single/solo is almost a given and seen as just enroute to happily ever after. But your 30s…well that’s when things get serious.

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solo rollercoaster ride

Starting Again At 62: A Solo Rollercoaster Ride!

Until just over a year ago, up to the age of 62, I had never lived alone. From leaving home at 16 to sharing a flat with a friend. To marrying at 19. Having a child, divorcing, marrying again, three more children. Ending up a single parent again…until I married for the final time! I’d spent my whole adult life in the company of others.

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symbol of light and freedom with living alone

Where the light enters: living alone after divorce

It was the first time I had been on my own in eleven years. Loneliness was the first thing that entered my heart and my mind, along with rejection and a strong sense that I’d failed. It didn’t make a difference that the ending had, in the end, been mutual. Over time, my experience shifted from one of loneliness, to that of solitude.

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Cycling Alone at sunset while living alone

Why I Cycled Solo Through A Storm

The brakes on my car fail dramatically one Sunday as I am on my way to collect a friend. No harm done – I’ve only just left home, and haven’t yet reached more than 10mph. We take a train instead.

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