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Research shows that up to 60% of employees have experienced loneliness, and up to a quarter may have left a job because of it. This matters for businesses because loneliness can have profoundly negative impacts on employee motivation, productivity and performance – which then impacts your bottom line. 

Whether loneliness is caused by factors inside or outside the workplace, there are a range of strategies that employers can implement to help employees feel more seen, valued and connected. We believe passionately that employers can play a powerful role in tackling workplace loneliness, and that there are good reasons to do so. Our toolkit will help you to get started.

Tackling Loneliness Guide for Employers

tackling loneliness guide for employers

The Living Well Alone Project’s ‘Tackling Loneliness: Guide for Employers’ is an accessible, comprehensive, expert toolkit for employers wanting to make a difference quickly. The guide covers: 

  • What is loneliness?
  • Who experiences loneliness?
  • What causes loneliness in the workplace?
  • The impacts of loneliness on individuals and employers
  • How employers can tackle workplace loneliness, boosting morale and productivity using the Assess, Address, Action framework

Download the guide now for free.

Training for Employers

Loneliness is one of the most significant societal challenges of this century, with profound consequences for individuals, communities and businesses. The pandemic brought the reality of many people’s lives into the view of employers, and has stimulated a national conversation. Our core training programme is targeted at HR professionals, senior managers, team and unit leaders, and covers:

  • Loneliness as a social issue – scale of the problem, and who is impacted
  • Causes of loneliness inside and out of the workplace
  • Understanding the individual and collective impacts of loneliness in the workplace, and the benefits of targeted action
  • Tackling loneliness in the workplace by building better connections – how employers can help

Organisations can access this training in a number of ways:

  • Live in-person or online workshops (half day or full day, depending on requirements)
  • ‘Train the trainer’ support, equipping your in-house team to deliver this awareness-raising content
  • A self-service, online version, with content tailored to align with your organisational requirements. We will work with your in-house or contracted learning and development partner/s to integrate a self-service version of the training into your corporate training platform/s.
  • An off-the-shelf, self-service version is available for a single licencing fee, irrespective of the number of devices on which it is shared. This offer does not come with any integrations, or content adaptations.

We suggest starting with this broad base training to build organisational awareness of this new aspect of diversity. Once this step is completed, we can work with you to develop a bespoke package of onwards support, should that be required, including: expertise to design / run staff assessments, providing insight into key issues and establishing a quantifiable baseline for further intervention; support in designing and implementing targeted solutions to effectively tackle loneliness in the workplace.

Ready to talk? Leave your details with our training delivery partners, Solo Insights, and we will call you back within 24 hours.