The Connection Hub

Welcome to the Hub!

In the years since we started the Project, we’ve learnt a lot about what it takes to live a successful solo life. Something we know, five years on, is that connection is key. We’re clear that living alone doesn’t mean that you will automatically be lonely (it doesn’t), or even that you are more likely than anyone else to experience loneliness (you aren’t). But we’d be lying if we pretended that loneliness isn’t an issue for many people in our community – as it is for society at large. It’s something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, and we often get asked to do work in this space which goes beyond our core mission.

We’ve talked to hundreds of people from all walks of life who’ve had to navigate major life changes as part of their solo living journey, and who have dealt with feelings of isolation, disconnection and loneliness in different ways. We’ve learnt from all of them – these days, we like to think of ourselves as experts.

The Connection Hub brings together everything we know, organised into different portals for individuals, universities, employers, and community organisations (this includes charities, voluntary / community groups, faith-based institutions, and housing associations).

Our employers portal is now live, the rest will follow over the coming months.


living alone individual

Starting to live alone is a significant transition – for many people, this can be linked to changes in friendship circles, and a loss of identity. It’s common to feel disconnection – and even loneliness – around these transition points, and our resource centre can help you navigate this. We can offer: 

– Stories and advice

– Signposting and access to online community groups

– Individual and group coaching support offer


tackling loneliness employers

Employers can play a powerful role in supporting staff to feel more connected, both inside and outside of the workplace, and there are clear benefits for productivity and motivation in doing so. Our resources will help you get started. These include:

– Our free Guide for Employers, packed full of hints, tips and strategies for tackling workplace loneliness

– Links, toolkits, case studies

– Bespoke training offers


tackling loneliness universities students

Starting university can be a significant time of change in a young person’s life, and it’s easy to fall into disconnection and loneliness, which can cause or exacerbate mental health conditions. Our resources can complement wider wellbeing initiatives: 

– Our free Universities Guide is packed full of hints, tips and strategies for tackling student loneliness

– Videos, tools, case studies

– Bespoke training offers

Community Leaders

tackling loneliness community

Community leaders – including charities, voluntary / community groups, faith-based institutions, housing associations etc – understand that loneliness is a widespread social problem, and want to help.  We can offer: 

– Videos, toolkits, case studies

– Our free Handbook for Community Leaders, full of advice for understanding and tackling loneliness / building more connected communities, also mythbusting about who is most likely to experience loneliness

– Bespoke training offers