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In our experience, it can be hard to know how to get hold of advice when you need it, especially on the more practical aspects of living alone.

As a starting point while we wait for the survey to complete (click here to fill it out if you haven’t already), we’ve started gathering everything we’ve been able to find online into one place. Do you have any great tips or advice for others, on any aspect of living alone? Anything you would particularly like to see advice about? Do you know of any great guides or references that others could use? Use the ‘leave a reply’ box below to share, or drop us a line and we’ll add your ideas to our list!

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Articles and blog posts

Reflections on the rise in the number of people living alone

Touching reflections from someone who’s only recently started living alone

A summary of the benefits of living alone

Pros and cons of living alone

An argument in favour of living alone

woman living alone with dog

Be solo, be confident, be inspired

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