If there’s one thing we know about people who live alone, it’s that travelling – alone or with others – is a big part of our shared solo experience. When you live alone, you may find yourself wanting to get away for a while. If you don’t have a partner on hand, this can take a bit of creativity, and your options are likely to include either travelling alone, with friends or other family members, or joining a tour group. We’ve included sections on each of these below! 

Travelling Alone

Travelling by yourself. However you feel about it, solo travel can be frustrating, fun, challenging, empowering – and sometimes all at the same time. We’ve rounded up these articles from across the web to get you started.

solo travel tips

We love travel magazines which focus on solo travel. Wanderlust, Days to Come and Jetsetter regularly produce updated content specifically for solo travellers. Solo Traveler is a dedicated online community for those going it alone. 

Travelling with others

When you live solo, travelling with friends can seem like a brilliant way to get away and see the world, without having to go it completely on your own. 

With the right preparation and with honesty about each others’ preferences and priorities, travelling with friends can be great fun, can deepen your relationship, and can lead to fantastic memories. It pays to get this right – because when it goes wrong, it can ruin the trip for everyone.

We’ve found these fantastic articles to get you started, covering everything from questions to ask each other before you go, to making decisions about budgeting, food, accommodation, and activities. 

Best Travel Companies for Solo Travel

More and more companies are catering to solo travellers, of all ages. We’ve rounded up the most popular companies below. 

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